Teams That Work

Leaders aren’t born or made.  Leaders decide to lead.

During the 20th Century it was common place for business leaders to inspire their teams with athletic analogies.  It was impacting as business, like athletic teams were in the same place, running the play together. Leaders took the position of the American football quarterback, the basketball point guard, the baseball pitcher or the Captain of a international football, hockey or rugby team.  This worked well then, but not now.

No longer is a 6-foot male with bravado and charisma the prototype leader.  Leaders today come from every corner of the globe.  It’s their Emotional IQ that supports decision making and their curiosity to learn from others that expands their capacity to lead to and through every imaginable challenge.

In the 21st Century leaders must look to highly disparate teams by geography, dotted lines and generations.  Teams that formally had direct responsibility for outcomes are being replaced by groups of contributors, overlays and support.  All of which are participating in the rewards of revenue generation.

Leaders today are required to lead through communication, coaching and collaboration.  The knowledge exchange from the field to the executive suite is more critical than ever as time, distance and culture make success ever more challenging.

Impact Global Coaching & Leadership understands your challenges and delivers coaching and leadership development that meets your needs today and into the future.  We don’t have fixed programs or books to sell.  We seek to utilize evidence-based coaching and leadership development to maximize the performance of your leaders today, develop high potentials for growth and provide your leaders with the path to be more successful tomorrow by consistently increasing their capacity to lead.

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