HR Partnership

Human Resources and Impact Global Coaching & Leadership

A partnership in philosophy, process and performance

How much of the annual $167 billion in worldwide investment in leadership development and coaching is your company spending?

More importantly, are you confident that your investment is being well managed?

Is your investment in HR technology being utilized, or even supported, by the third-party leadership programs and coaching to which you commit?

Are your executives being coached on how to impact your company or getting free career coaching?

Are your line level managers being prepared to develop their people or just demanding more productivity?

Have you synchronized your internal and external coaching resources to share coaching platform, frameworks and expectations?

Impact can connect to your platforms, build on your initiatives and remove the mystery to global coaching and leadership development.

Our program management provides proof of execution, development and return on your investment.

Our global, multi-lingual platform gives our program managers insight into conversations held around the world in over 118 languages.

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