Affiliate Coaches Benefits

Are you a coach looking for more business?
Do you have client companies who want coaching in another language or geography?
Interested in using technology to broaden your coaching reach?
Are you currently, or in the process of being certified with the International Coach Federation or the Association of Coaches?

Most coaches spend 5.25 hours to convert less then 38% of prospects into clients.

The Impact Intake process takes 45-miunutes to complete and results in a 68% closing rate. On average Impact Affiliate coaches spend less than 2.5 hours to acquire a new client.


As part of a global marketing community you will be presented with new coaching opportunities as part of regional, national and global contracts acquired by Impact.

Corporates around the world spend over $100 billion a year in leadership development and coaching tools and training.  All of this occurs with little program management and corresponding ROI as it is delivered by coaches and facilitators in various languages around the world.

The Impact Global Coaching platform and Program Management provides the only multi-lingual platform in support of companies, coaching clients, HR systems, L&D systems while maintaining client confidentiality.


We were taught to find our niche. Then our clients grow and move on to new companies and require coaching outside of that niche.

Why recreate the programs and intellectual property that takes time to create.  As an Impact Affiliate Coach, you have 14 turn key programs (Link to Coaching Programs) at your fingertips in over 128 languages.

In addition, as part of the Impact Affiliate Global Community, you will have access to best of breed workshops that other Affiliate Coaches have developed and perfected in the field,.


How much money do you spend each month on technology in support of your coaching practice?

We have found that many coaches spend $300 or more a month on technology. Including but not limited to:

  • Email
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Appointments
  • Note taking
  • Payment processing
  • Online storage
  • Third party lead generation
  • Conference calls
  • Video conferencing
  • And so much more


You get all this for only US$ 99 per month as an Impact Affiliate

If you desire Impact can provide all your back-office processes (invoicing, payment processing, etc. for a small percentage) freeing you to spend more time doing what you love; coaching and facilitating.


Enjoy lifetime*, 24 hour a day financial benefits from the companies or Individuals you have referred for coaching in their primary language and location.

That’s right for simply referring a valid lead to Impact, we will sell, deliver and support the client, anywhere in the world in any language, and you get paid. Even while you are sleeping.

* Up to 20% lifetime residuals based on continuous, uninterrupted status as an Impact Affiliate Coach in good standing.

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